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Terms of Reference Board of Directors

 Terms of reference Inglewood BoD

Nomination Forms for BoD 2016-2018

Nomination Forms



Social Media 101 for Inglewood Businesses

Sidewalk Construction Plan

Crime AdvisoryAdvisory- Break and Enter


Spotcast:Intro to marketing your locations with Spotcast

Spotcast overview 



Sunfest 2014 Poster Sunfest poster 2014

AGM 2014 Nomination Forms BRZ Nomination Forms 2014


Girls Night Out PSA and participating merchant list

 PSAParticipating merchant list

Gallery Calorie forms:

Non restaurant Venue Non restaurant Venue

Restaurant Venue Restaurant Venue

Art Race Artist package Art Race Artist package

Link to Christmas 2013 posterChristmas 2013 poster

Link to IDI invitationIntersection Analysis Invitation

Nomination forms for BRZ Board 2013-2015nomination forms
Sunfest 2013 PosterSunfest 2013 poster


Inglewood BRZ Member Directory for 2013 mapInglewood BRZ business list final

Girls Night Out 2013 poster and postcards

 Back GNO 2013 postcard (back) GNO 2013 poster GNO 2013 postcard (front)


 Big Taste Calgary 2013 Registration Form

 Big Taste Form

Christmas In Inglewood Poster and Postcards:

BRZ Board Nomination Forms 2012

Board Nomination Forms

Sunfest 2012 Poster is Here!

Download this document (it is big, so give it a few minutes!):Sunfest 2012 Poster